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Improve your shop and default PrestaShop functionality with modules made by Anvanto - assure youself of the average 5-star rating of the modules.

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1.7.3.x - 8.x.x

Let your customers to promote your products instead of you with the AN Affiliate program module. Give for each one a referral link, motivate them to share it and sell your products to referrals by receiving discount vouchers. - 8.x.x

Account approval to login after registration by admin, activate and deactivate customer accounts from BackOffice. - 8.x.x

Show you users only relevant content depending their location or IPs with the AN GeoIP Redirect module. The module automatically identifies a visitor's location and redirects to the custom page. Create redirect rules as many as you need. - 8.x.x

Automatically load the next page of products by AJAX after the end of the list. - 8.x.x

Improve a page loading time with the AN Lazy Loading module. Images are loaded only when they are visible to the user. - 8.x.x

Give a user extra product info with AN Product Extra Tabs Premium. Create additional description tabs with any format of content – tables, instructions, YouTube or Vimeo videos, cases, looks, reviews etc. - 8.x.x

Offer subscription option for products that either constantly run out (food, water) or very often come in new editions (magazines, collectibles). E-mail bills are sent automatically. Use 6 parameters to create the billing period of your desire. - 8.x.x

Display your Instagram account and let your users to browse and follow it just on the site with the AN Social Feed Slider module.

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