PrestaShop modules

Improve your shop with the modules made by Anvanto - Assure youself of the average 5-star rating of the modules - 1.7.5.x

Start accepting payments worldwide in any of 87 currencies with AN 2checkout module. The payment page has 15 languages — sell products all over the world. Just create 2checkout account and connect it to the module — you are ready to sell worldwide. - 1.7.5.x

Let your customers to promote your products instead of you with the AN Affiliate program module. Give for each one a referral link, motivate them to share it and sell your products to referrals by receiving discount vouchers. - 1.7.5.x

Export any PrestaShop data from your store to CSV or XML format with the "Advanced Export All in One" module. Control all fields, filters, languages, format of the destination file etc. - 1.7.5.x

The Affiliate Program module allows you to promote your products with the help of your customers. AN Affiliate program is one of the most powerful ways to market your products online. - 1.7.5.x

Add the age verification pop-up to your shop. Redirect customers who doesn’t verify the required age. Customize the pop-up according to your site design. - 1.7.5.x

Increase users’ confidence by displaying logos of well-known with the AN Brand Slider module. Or just let them open the page with products of the brand of interest with a single click. - 1.7.5.x

Are there a great deal of product combinations in your shop? Do your clients have difficulties to find the desirable one? Display the table with product combinations so that users can find the right combination and add to cart it just from the table - 1.7.5.x

Customize your shop with more than 840 Google fonts. Choose the most suitable one for your design. - 1.7.5.x

Improve a page loading time with the AN Lazy Loading module. Images are loaded only when they are visible to the user. - 1.7.5.x

Give a user extra product info with AN Product Extra Tabs Premium. Create additional description tabs with any format of content – tables, instructions, YouTube or Vimeo videos, cases, looks, reviews etc. - 1.7.5.x

Get rid of white stripes on the sides of images (or above and below). Just choose a type of images and wait while the module is replacing white-striped images with the original ones. Unlike the built-in function, the module doesn’t overload a server. - 1.7.5.x

The Responsive Live Chat - the faster way to reach customers. Chat with your website visitors, potential clients in real time, increase sales. Clear the way to checkout for customers! - 1.7.5.x

Help your user to check the cart and continue shopping without leaving the page with the AN Sidebar cart module. The cart appears on the right side of the screen just by the click and helps to check it quickly and get back to browsing the catalog. - 1.7.5.x

Display your Instagram account and let your users to browse and follow it just on the site with the AN Social Feed Slider module. - 1.7.5.x

Account approval to login after registration by admin, activate and deactivate customer accounts from BackOffice. - 1.7.5.x

Export orders to CSV or XML file just in few clicks. Control all fields of the destination file and export the predetermined data. - 1.7.5.x

Show you users only relevant content depending their location or IPs with the AN GeoIP Redirect module. The module automatically identifies a visitor's location and redirects to the custom page. Create redirect rules as many as you need. - 1.7.5.x

Offer subscription option for products that either constantly run out (food, water) or very often come in new editions (magazines, collectibles). E-mail bills are sent automatically. Use 6 parameters to create the billing period of your desire. - 1.7.5.x

Calculate the shipping cost with the formula based on Cart Total and Weight variables automatically. Give users actual shipping costs and do not burden yourself with manual calculating. - 1.7.5.x

Calculate the shipping cost to any place of the world automatically. Create shipping rules based on Zip/Postal codes, Cities, Countries, States as many as you need. Set a shipping cost for the each shipping rule. - 1.7.5.x

Calculate the shipping cost based on the shipping distance from your store to the customer by Google Maps API automatically. Give users actual shipping costs and do not burden yourself with manual calculating.

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